How remember teams and webhooks across local Docker image restart?

Hi, I’m thinking about building a Mattermost integration. Then it’d be good to test against a real Mattermost instance. And the “Local Machine Setup using Docker” seems to be intended for this:

However apparently all settings and everything, is forgotten, whenever it gets restarted. Then I would need to create a new admin account, a new team, new access token, new webhook (for the integration), whenever I restarted the container.

Is there a way to remember teams and settings (incl personal access tokens and webhooks) across container restart? Even better, can this be configured in a text file, which I could mount in the Docker container? (I know there’s the file /mm/mattermost/config/config.json but it doesn’t seem to let me configure teams, access tokens, webhooks.)

(I found: Make database persistent to survive docker restart? but it’s 6 years old and for Mattermost 2.2.)