How to associate a changing status to a channel

Hi, I would like to know if is there a way to assign a changing status of every channel (for instance opened, running, closed).


Hi @smauz007,

Can you share more on your question? I’m not sure I understand the request.

Hi , and thank you for the quick response.

I would like to use mattermost as a simple task manager. Then to use messages as tasks to assign, with some structured information like ‘status’ of the task, or “end date”.

The same attributes also on channels/Projects. Is there a way to customize the attributes of Channels or messagies adding easily new attributes?


Understood now,

Agree, we really want the ability to turn messages into tasks as well, and adding attributes via a property bag to channels and messages would be a good way to do it.

Over time, some of the more popular attributes we probably want to add into the channel and messages schemas so it’s easier to run statistics on them.

Let’s see if this thread gets picked up by other users who’d want something similar?

Once we have something concreted, I’d propose making an addition to the feature idea forum (or feel free to add now if you’d like).

Thank you , yes I hope this could be very useful for many users. Let’s wait for some feedback, may be the next week I will summarize and create the new feature request.