Task Management Improvement and AI Bot For Task Management

Hi, I’m new to Mattermost. I deployed it at my job around 2 months ago, and it has been going very well. Everyone has been having a great time with it and it has greatly improved communication.

One place where I feel the program is lacking is keeping track of task. I found the TODO plug in for Mattermost in the app marketplace and been using it for the past 2 months. While the TODO plugin has some nice features, I find it lacking in a few ways.

I’m not sure if anyone has used RingCentrals chat program before, but their task management is basically what I’m looking for in Mattermost.

  1. A way to create a task in the program, assign it to other users, and manage that task. Currently, when I assign a task to another user, the task is deleted from my list. This is not ideal as now without it on my list I will not be able to keep track of the task and make sure the user i assigned it to is completing the task correctly and on time.
  2. A way to assign a task to multiple people. If i want to assign Bob and Jane to work on a task together, i can’t.
  3. A way to assign a priority, follow-up date, color tag, and due date and time to the task. This is very important to keep track of the task. For example, if the task needs to be completed on 8/25/2023 having a follow-up reminder on 8/22/2023 will help to keep you on track to meet your 8/25/2023 due date. The same with due date, color tag and priority. All of this will help the user keep on track.
  4. A way to create notes on a specific task and let all users assigned to that task have access to it. This way I can see the notes from my users and add notes if needed. Also, a notification that a new note has been added to a task.
  5. A way for employees to mark the task as complete. The option for either one employee to check complete to complete the task, or for all employees assigned to the task to mark as complete. Once the task is complete, to then notify the person who created the task as complete.
  6. A way to upload files to the task
  7. The current TODO plug in works great on the desktop app, but not the mobile app. I feel this feature is too important and should work equally on both desktop and the mobile app.
  8. A calendar view for my task, so i can view them by due date.
  9. A way for employees to see they have a new task assigned to them and for the employee to confirm receipt of the task.

These feature will greatly increase the functionality of the TODO.

Now, once the TODO has been enhanced, we can add an AI bot to it. I would like the AI bot to act as a buddy, helping me along with my TODO list.

  1. It can remind me of an urgent task or task that are due soon.
  2. It can remind me of when I miss a due date for tasks and ask me if i want to move the due date to a later date.
  3. It can let me know when users add notes to a task that I’m managing so i can review them.
  4. It can remind users of my assigned task, reminding them of the due date.
  5. I can ask it question like what are my urgent task or what’s my task that is due next.
  6. I can ask it a question like summarize my upcoming task
  7. It will remind users if they have a new task or a task they did not confirm receipt.
  8. I could ask it to summarize the status of the task i assigned to other users. This way i could quickly get a status update without having to go ticket by ticket.

Welcome to the Mattermost Forums, @mfamualro! And thank you so much for the well thought out feedback. I like where you’re going with your ideas around AI assisted TODO features, and will be sure to share it with the rest of team for you for future consideration.

Imagine a world in the future where you can type @ai - I have a lot going on today. What’s the most important task that I should focus on first?” - And then our AI assistant scans through various priorities, tags, and due dates to help hone you in what matters most at that moment in time. :slight_smile: Maybe someday!

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That’s exactly what I’m thinking, John. Make the AI bot work for you, help keep you on track and more productive.


This is a really thoughtful concept @mfamualro! Echoing @john.combs here: the attention you put into the idea shows and it’s helpful to see your desired usage. This would be really handy. It would turn any TODO list into an executive assistant with insight into the communication you’re already organically having on the platform. :sunglasses:

In the two months your org has deployed Mattermost, what other plugins and integrations have you tried? The functionality you’re envisioning could be explored by combining GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-plugin-todo: Mattermost plugin for tracking to do items and GitHub - mattermost/mattermost-plugin-ai: Mattermost plugin for LLMs, I’d think.

Would you (or someone at your org) be interested in playing around with those plugins to start moving towards this goal as an open source project? I’d be happy to surface resources and help as I can. Thanks again for the thoughtful post!

Hi Andrew, thanks for the reply. So far, I have only tried plugins in the app marketplace. I’m currently using the gif command, profanity filter, dice roller, matterpoll, and the todo plugin. I am confused on the todo plugin that you linked from GitHub. Is that the same plugin from the app marketplace, or is that a different todo plugin, it looks like they are both version 0.7.0?

I would be interested in playing around with those plugins to start moving towards this goal as an open source project. I’ll set aside some time this weekend to install the AI plugin. Which backend do you recommend for the AI plugin, OpenAI?

The OpenAI backend has a couple features that the others don’t have at the moment. I would recommend it over the others at the moment.

I installed the AI plugin and created my api key for chatgpt. I found the Mattermost AI plugin in System Console, entered my api key and enabled the plugin. I found the new AI Assistant bot and said hi to it. I received this error.

Sorry! An error occoured while accessing the LLM. See server logs for details.

Note: the spelling mistake above with occurred.

I check the server log and found this error listed over 100 times.
I removed the user info and replaced it with XXXX.

“caller”: “web/context.go:115”,
“err_where”: “”,
“error”: “: api endpoint requires a license”,
“http_code”: 501,
“ip_addr”: “”,
“level”: “info”,
“method”: “GET”,
“msg”: “api endpoint requires a license”,
“path”: “/api/v4/users/XXXX/groups”,
“request_id”: “XXXX”,
“timestamp”: “2023-07-10 11:35:36.869 Z”,
“user_id”: “XXXX”

How can I fix this?

That error isn’t coming from the plugin. Search for “mattermost-ai” in the logs to find logs related to the plugin. If you can search structured logs the kv is “plugin_id” : “mattermost-ai”

I was thinking more about how the AI summarization could be used to extract TODOs from channels. Here’s an example in the Corpus server where I’ve summarized a 100-line conversation about grant applications for an imaginary PBC.

I first converted the summary to Markdown, but I also created a Markdown-formatted todo list from the same input.

Next I’m wondering what’s the best way to extract that list to something else (mattermost-plugin-todo, a 3rd party task and project management platform, etc).

Hi, I just wanted to follow back on the error that I received back in August. I thought my normal subscription with chatgpt would give me API access, which is not the case. I also had to pay into the API side of chatgpt to get this to work.