How to exclude direct messages from team searches?

We frequently find ourselves wanting to search through various teams’ channels for information while excluding direct messages. So far it seems I’ve only been able to come up with complex options that still don’t work right. An example:

"search string" -in:@user1 -in:@user2 -in:@user3 -in:@user4 -in:@user5 -in:@user6 -in:@user7  -in:@user8 -in:@user9 -in:@user10 -in:@user11 -in:@user12  -in:@user13 ... -in:@userNN

Even with using such fancy incantations, many users use direct messages to themselves to make notes and keep lists of things, and so we do not seem to have a way to exclude “myself” or “me” or our own usernames.

Is there a way to just search team channels one has access to only without going to such seeming extremes so as to try to exclude all direct messages, etc. that we’re missing?

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I would also find this very useful…

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