How to grant permission to a user

I want the system admin user to have the ‘read_channel’ permission to handle the files posted by normal users, Can I use some API to grant special permissions to a user?

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Perhaps the API documentation will be helpful?

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Thanks for your reply, I have read API document already, but unfortunately to find no subject related to grant such permission. Could you please help to show me the one? Thanks.

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After checking with our engineers, right now there is no way to assign specific permissions to a user. A system admin, however, will already have all the possible permissions on the system.

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In my scenario,

  1. On client side, the client user send an image message to MM server and then send the image file_id to our business server.
  2. On our business server, we need recognize information from the image, so we should get the image file from MM server first.
  3. In fact, on our business server, we use the system admin to login MM server, then try to get the image file by the file_id sent from the client user
    Now, it fails with status code 403 error, but if we use the client user credential on our business server to login MM server to get the image file, it succeeds.

Actually, we could not use each client user to login MM server on our business server once an image message sent by him, which will cause some unexpected results, such as many login records, the performance… Also we don’t know the password of the client user in production environment.

So do you have any suggestion for this problem?

Thanks @baoljyj,

I’ll ask one of our engineers for help with your scenario :slight_smile:

@lindy65 ,
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The 403 error is because the System Admin is not a member of the channel where the post has been made. The only way to work around this at the moment is to ensure that the system admin user is joined to all channels, or automatically joins the channels when trying to retrieve the images from them.

@grundleborg, Thank you for your solution. The channel is a direct message channel, I am not sure, is it possible for the system admin to join?

Hi @baoljyj,

Unfortunately not - the system admin cannot join direct message channels unless someone in the channel creates a group message and adds the system admin as a member of the channel.