How to hide join/leave messages in Team Edition?

I’m looking at alternatives to Slack to create a loose news, announcements, and collaboration forum for a very loosely structured but large non-profit where the majority of the members are youths and young adults. Mattermost fits the bill nicely - but leave/join messages sort of kill collaboration since many of the members have anxiety; they are more willing to participate if they can see what is happening without strings attached so to speak. How can I hide these messages, and can it be done on a per channel basis or globally all at once?

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At the moment, there isn’t a way to turn off system messages in team edition. To protect your users’ identities within the team, you could turn off showing email addresses and full names in the System Console > Settings > Privacy. This would show only a username so people could go by a pseudonym?

Not sure if this helps?

I would also like this feature. How can we make a feature request from this?

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You can open a feature request on our forum where you and others have up to 10 votes to up-vote it.

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