How to run Mattermost from a domain name instead of IP address?

How i can add domain name to mattermost instead of IP. for example i’m using IP:8065 want to change it to domain name like Domain:8065. possible?
Also want to know if its possible to run mattermost with this port 8065. I mean directly on port 80

Yes, please see “ServiceSettings” and “Port” as referenced here: Preview: Documenting config.json settings (pre-Mattermost v1.0)

I have installed mattermost through commands which were on github - mattermost for ubuntu. I run those command on root directory. But now i’m not able to find files of mattermost. There is no files called config.js.
How can i find all files and make some changes. Please help.

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Ports below 1024 are usually privileged (need root access). You can install something like nginx to port forward 80 to 8065.

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