Run mattermost with a domain/mattermost

Hi, i have installed mattermost in ubuntu and using nginx , want to access mattermost with my domain … like https://mydomain/mattermost but error in browser too much redirect… please help me !!! below is my nginx configuration where location / is running different project

server {
listen 443 ssl;

location / {

proxy_pass http://myip:500/;   /* another project running */


 location /abc/ {

proxy_pass http://myip:8005/;  /* another project*/


location /mattermost/ {

proxy_pass http://myip:8065/;   


i have alos set in config.json the SiteURl

but not working !! error in browser TOO MUCH REDIRECT

Look at this issue: Too Many Redirects when logging in from Mobile Apps when Server is using subpath hosting · Issue #26894 · mattermost/mattermost · GitHub. But in your case, you mention it’s the browser, which is a bit strange. Is your browser making HEAD requests? If that’s the case, then the nginx change suggested in the issue will help.