How to send instant reply for some message on mattermost channel

I have a problem with automatic generator of response via mattermost. To simplify a question- I have some dedicated channel on mattermost and if a message send by me is correct I want to have automatic answer “OK” + my_message. Right now I am checking a message and if is good making:

result = {"channel" = "@username",
"text" = "OK" + my_message}
return HttpResponse(result, status=200)

but it doesn’t work. Code is of course in Python and server is standing on Django. Ideas?

Did you ever solve this? such an “auto reply” function would be really nice :slight_smile:

Hi KlavsKlavsen and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

There is no channel auto-reply as of yet, at least none that I’m aware of. Can you descibe your usecase? @tomash 's usecase seems to be some kind of input validation (not sure what exactly “if my message is correct” should mean here, so just guessing) and this could probably be handled by an outgoing webhook on that channel which will send all messages posted in this channel to the address specified in the webhook. The application there can then check the message for it’s correctness and post feedback back to the thread (using an incoming webhook, f.ex.). Not sure if this would also solve your problem, Klavs?

For us it was more like f.ex. vacation auto reply
would be REALLY nice if you could “set yourself on vacation” - and then mattermost would remind someone highlighting you that the person is “X”

When you directly write someone, autoreplies are possible since a few versions (see the following section at the bottom in your user settings):

Mentions will not trigger the auto-reply, though, since it would clutter the channels.

It would be nice if a mention (not @all - but specific) - could optionally ping the one who mentions you - via Direct Message “once a day” - just like email auto-reply works in that sense.

You might want to post a feature wish in the user voice forums about that.