How to set webseal proxy for websocket

Hello, all
We use IBM webseal jct proxy.

if i login for Mattermost, i got websocket handshake error.

so, i want to know that how to configure IBM webseal jct proxy for Mattermost.

And i can’t find how to set webseal for Mattermost websocket.

Please let me help…

Thanks all!

Hi @bje!

I couldn’t find information about this and I’m not sure if we support webseal, so I’ll ask our team to confirm.

@amy.blais Thank you a lot.

Hi @bje, It looks like we don’t currently support IBM webseal jct proxy - we have these 2 options:


oh… i see…

our structure is (browser) <----> (sso proxy server[WebSEAL]) <----> (Mattermost)

just I can handle only Mattermost.

so, I tried to know that how to set WebSEAL proxy setting method.

Is this possible to set structure like (browser) <----> (apache or nginx proxy server) <----> (sso proxy server[WebSEAL]) <----> (Mattermost)

I want to know above method.

Thanks all!

Hi @bje, unfortunately I’m not sure if it will work or not as we don’t support WebSEAL proxy yet and we haven’t tested it - would you like to help test it out?