How to sign in with google using Mattermost? (Angular7)

How to sign in with google (in Angular7 application) using Mattermost?

Hi @ajuashok, wondering if is helpful for you?

Thank you.
But this is more about API/server side settings. Actually, I need front end angular code for invoking the google popup.
If am using firebase, I can use this code:-
const provider = new firebase.auth.GoogleAuthProvider();
return firebase.auth().signInWithPopup(provider);

If am using mattermost then which code I need to use in angular7?

Got it, I’m not as familiar with angular7, anyone in the community who might be open to help?

I did a quick search of angular-related forum topics, though none seemed directly related to what you’re looking for:

The steps mentioned in this document are done. But ‘MMAUTHTOKEN’, ‘MMUSERID’ and ‘MMCSRF’ are not set in my application cookie. How to set these things in my application cookie.