How to view email invitations?

How can we view existing team email invitations that have been sent, but not yet accepted within MatterMost System Console?

Hi, @ylluminate

I checked through the database and there is no information stored in any of the tables related to the email invite to specific user email accounts, at least to my knowledge.

The entry in the mattermost.log just shows the email being sent and that’s pretty much it.

ahmaddanial@mattermost:~$ cat /opt/mattermost/logs/mattermost.log | grep "sending mail"
{"level":"debug","ts":1601657987.2099345,"caller":"mailservice/mail.go:310","msg":"sending mail","to":"","subject":"Mattermost - Testing Email Settings"}
{"level":"debug","ts":1601658163.7384486,"caller":"mailservice/mail.go:310","msg":"sending mail","to":"ahmad.danial@mattermost.comm","subject":"[Streetwear] ahmad.danial invited you to join 5.27.0 Staging Team"}

I’m gonna check with the team internally on this.