User event logging (invites, registration, etc.)

Using Mattermost 5.25.1

I’m looking for where the system stores major events in the user lifecycle. For example:

  • if they received an email invite, who sent it
  • if they instead used a team invite URL
  • when they registered
  • history of changes to username or email address

And pretty much anything else that would be important when investigating a security or abuse issue.

Our logs are set to INFO level, and we’re outputting to file and console, but I see no record of a user’s email address, username, or UserID in mattermost.log or notifications.log.

In the System Console -> Reporting -> Server logs there’s a note to go look at Reporting -> Users, but there is no Users item in the Reporting heading. I have User Management -> Users, but that just shows user profile information, and current state, no history.

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