New invited members haven't Name and Last Name that was inputed in invited wizard

we are using free mattermost server

how to configure mattermost or generate invite request as a result of it a new member must have Name and Last Name that i have inputed in invite wizard.

Now a new member have only username. Name and Last Name user must input in account properties by him self

Hi @xaputohob! Thank you for reaching out.

Here are some initial questions:

  1. What is your Mattermost server version?
  2. Can you help share a screenshot of the invite wizard that you are referencing? Is it the one at Main Menu > Send Email invite?

version is 4.0.1


Thank you @xaputohob! I am able to repro this issue and opened a ticket here:

I’ll let you know the next steps once this has been discussed with the team.

Giving you an update that the ticket I opened was discussed by our team and closed as “Won’t fix” - basically this is a known situation and we have just decided to leave it as is since it is not technically a bug nor a major improvement.