User registration without email

Is it possible to invite (external/guest) users to channels without having them to enter their email address?

We have Guest Accounts feature available in enterprise edition:

Thank you for your reply. I have tried the guest feature in the enterprise edition. To invite a guest, the user has to enter the email address of the guest and then an invite email is sent to the guest. Is is possible to invite a guest, without having to enter his email address? Maybe with a special user login link?

Hello, @Lynx

While we do not have a Guest Access URL feature available just yet since the current invite link only works for registered users:

Would you mind sharing the use case of Guest Access URLs in your organization? Are you planning to have a large amount of guest account in the Mattermost instance?

From my perspective, the current functionality of inviting guests per email is to have better control of the guest accounts and to avoid the URL from being shared unnecessarily (unless we have a way to regenerate the URL to invalidate future usage).

@ahmaddanial Thank you for your reply.

We are looking for a solution to use Mattermost as a chat meeting platform, where we want to do a one time chat, to which we want to invite people via sharing a link and without having them to register first or entering their email address. Similar to a Zoom meeting where people can join via link without having to create an account in order to participate in the meeting).

How would you implement this use case with Mattermost?

Hi, @Lynx

You are welcome. I have reached out to the product team to share this use case to consider implementing temporary guest users without login credentials and have access to only one channel for a specific, short-lived purpose. I’ll keep you posted should there be any updates on this, though it will not be immediate.

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I am curious whether this is something that has been updated or not. We also are considering this and our use case is…we are working with people in sensitive situations who would not be comfortable using an email address to access the tool.

Hi eLearning and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Unfortunately, nothing has changed on that topic so far, this feature is still not available. I also was used to such one-time chat links back when we were using HipChat and it was a nice way to create an easy time-based chat to work with someone external to your company on a migration or during an incident, f.ex.

The last time I asked about this feature the answer was that something like this is not planned currently.
I don’t think that it’s complex to create something like that on top of Mattermost which could, f.ex., also be used as a Live Chat plugin for supporting your customers on the website. A bot account is all it would need for that to work and some wrappers left and right.