I can't invite people to my channel

the invite tab is disabled, and copy invite link tab can not generate a link, so I can’t invite people.

Steps to reproduce
version 7.9.1

Expected behavior
I want invite people to my channel, but i can’t know how

Observed behavior

Hi @bigwalnut and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Can you confirm that you have set the SiteUrl in your application settings and that the flag “System console” → “Authentication” → “Signup” → “Enable Email Invitations” is turned on?

yes, “Enable Email Invitations” is turned on, but it still can’t invite.

Do you have any other suggestions?

Hi again,

I could reproduce the problem only when I access the Mattermost server using its IP address and it seems that it does not matter what the SiteURL is set to. Please set up a hostname for your Mattermost server, put it into SiteURL and also access it using the hostname then (and not the IP address), this should copy a valid invite link to your clipboard then when clicking on the button again.

Are you also running a reverse proxy or some SSL offloading in front of your Mattermost installation? If so, whatever the clients use to connect to your server should go into the SiteURL then.