Using command line tool to invite users sends an invalid "Join Team" link


Using ./platform -invite_user -team_name=“team” -email=“email” sends an email with an invalid link.

Steps to reproduce

Just run ./platform -invite_user -team_name=“team” -email=“email”

Expected behavior

The Join Team link in the invite email should take you to the mattermost site URL.

Observed behavior

The link doesn’t have the site URL pre-pended It just starts with “/signup_user_complete/” instead of “”.

Forgot to mention that this happens when mattermost is installed on Ubuntu and on RHEL7

Hi @marcchang,

Which version of Mattermost are you running? It looks like there was a bug fixed around this in 3.2

@jwilander I’m running version 3.4.0:

$ ./platform -version
Version: 3.4.0
Build Number: 3.4.0
Build Date: Wed Sep 14 13:04:40 UTC 2016
Build Hash: 57f25fa59c71821cc38fd220b133aa6a40815e12
Build Enterprise Ready: true
DB Version: 3.4.0

Do you have the SiteURL set in your config.json? If not, try setting that. You can also get to it from the System Console under General -> Configuration.

If you do have that set then this is a bug and I can file a ticket to get this fixed.

@jwilander, I have it set in both the Systems console and the config.json:

“ServiceSettings”: {
“SiteURL”: “”,
“ListenAddress”: “:8065”,

where is the URL that I use to access mattermost.

Thanks @marcchang, I’v e filed a bug report to get this fixed