User invite email 'Join' button does not seem to function

Mattermost Version: 7.3.0-rc3, Database Schema Version: 92
Database: postgres

On-premise server. The Smtp server setup works and is tested. When I invite a user by adding the email, the system properly sends the email invite. When the user clicks on the ‘Join’ button, nothing seems to happen. The user is not added to the system and there are no notifications on the server that the user joined. The user is not listed in the system.

I would expect the user to click on the ‘join’ button in their invite email and be taken to a screen on the Mattermost server or at least receive a second email from the server with login details.

The user clicks the ‘join’ button and it sends the user back to their normal email screen. The user is not added.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @edb6163 and welcome to the Mattermost forums!

Is there a sepcific reason why you’re using a release candidate version and would it be possible to upgrade to the latest stable version (7.10.2 as of today)?
7.3.0-rc3 is pretty old and I’m not sure if this was a known issue back then, but it could very well be. When you check the mail you received, what does the link look like in the HTML mail? Does it point to the server or is the link broken? Can you check the sourcecode of the mail you received to verify that?

I’m aware of an issue with broken links when the server’s SiteUrl setting is not set properly in config.json - can you verify that your SiteUrl points to the URL your users are accessing your Mattermost server at?

Thank you so much for the assistance!! I really like Mattermost. I’ve setup a truenas scale server which includes mattermost in its docker collection. I seem to have no control over versions. It says that I have the latest version. I would set it up as a VM but Scales VM services is no proxmox and really doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

I could not get the smtp email functioning without the HTTPS/TLS setup. I have now setup the domain name and have uploaded the .pem and crt files and configured mattermost. Mattermost WILL NOT LOAD now. It errors and the logs say “level”:“info”,“msg”:“Enterprise Build”,“caller”:“app/server.go:421”,“enterprise_build”:true} AND
“error”,“msg”:“License key from required to unlock enterprise features.”,“caller”:“platform/license.go:101”,“error”:"resource: License id: "}
So since enabling TLS and setting up everything properly at considerable time and expense, I now have to purchase the enterprise license to make it work… EXTREMELY frustrated. I hope that I am just missing something simple. Any help is appreciated.