Https for mattermost

Hello there,

so i m using ubuntu 18.04 lts and i follow guide to install mattermost here :

and work prety cool, but at the end i m using http, so now i need to isntall the https acess.

So i have this architecture :

So i first install my serveur with mattermost in http acess (no secure)
So in second i install a second serveur with nginx reverse proxy.

so i put my nginx with ssl autosigned (but after i will added a lettsencrypt certificat)
i m using a config files to configure a reverse proxy to my mattermost.
So now i access to my mattermost using https with my nginx reverseproxy.

i got two server :
NginxReversProxy (https acess) <—> Mattermost http acess

So do u think i have to https on my mattermost acess ?

or the reverse proxy make the secure good ?

what do u think please ,?

Hi @Issa, these docs might help: