I am not able to add new users to our Channel in Mattermost

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I am not able to add new users to Mattermost, even with Admin rights

Steps to reproduce
How can we reproduce the issue (what version are you using?)

Expected behavior
I am not able to add new users, and my colleagues cannot do that either, because the system simply doesn’t find these new people, although they have valid e-mail address.
Can you please help to solve the issue?
Thanks in advance,
Nora Majoros

Observed behavior
What did you see happen? Please include relevant error messages and/or screenshots.

How do you know the system “simply doesn’t find” them? What error(s) are you getting? What do the logs say? Does everything else work as expected?

Hi John,
Sorry, I was on holiday, therefore is my late reply. The system simply doesn’t find people (we have tried with E-mail address and KID - an inner personal number as well)

Thanks for your kind assistance here.


What do the logs say?

And searching by attribute seems to imply LDAP or SSO, which requires a license key.

Lastly, with the Teams Edition, users need to create an account for themselves. You cannot find them until they exist.

Unfortunately, I cannot check logs or anything, I am also a simple user myself with admin rights. It has worked so far by simply adding new joiners to our team channel. Where can they create an account? They used to have one before automatically.

System Console > REPORTING > Server Logs

You may need to go to System Console > ENVIRONMENT > Logging and set File Log Level to DEBUG