Add users from the browser

Can I add users from the browser instead of from the CLI?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, the system console does not allow adding new users. All you can do is send invitation links to them, but you cannot precreate users in the GUI.

Invitation link could not be sent until after the user was added.

I’m not sure what you mean with that. When you enable e-mail invitations, you can directly specify e-mail addresses in the invite input box and the user account will be created by the user afterwards when they follow the link.

What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Are you looking for an easy to use interface to pre-create new users in your organization?

When I select “add members” from the channel and enter the email address of the new user, I get “No results found matching email” and cannot send the invitation email.

If already user is entered, it can be “add members” from the channel.

“Add members” does not register new accounts or invite people, this is just for adding already existing accounts to the current channel you’re in.

I was talking about the invite function which can be found in the top of the screen after clicking on the + sign next to the team name:


Does this mean I can’t invite people to create new accounts via this apps ?

In “slack” you can invite new users from the app, but in “mattermost” you can’t.
To register new users in “mattermost”, the only way to register a new user in “mattermost” is to use the “mmctl” command.

You can, this is exactly what the “Invite People” menu item in my screenshot it doing. You are talking about the “Add members” button inside a channel and this is the wrong place.

If you do not see the “Invite People” menu item on your installation, please check system console section “Authentication” → “SignUp”, you can configure the server’s behaviour with regards to invitations there.

It do “true” “Enable Email Invitations:” of “Signup” then invitate button of “Invite People” was enabled.

Appreciate your advice.

Alright, glad to hear you have the feature active now.