I cannot neither upload profile image nor attach file

I recently installed 5.8.0 mattermost release and made basic configurations.
While testing some fonctionalities i noticed that:

  • It is impossible to upload images to user profile
  • It is impossible to upload icon to the team
  • It is impossible to attach file to message.

Expected behavior

I’m expecting to be able to upload image and attach file to messages

Observed behavior

  • An error occurred while creating the folder for the new file
  • Can not send profile picture

@marceltyty1, would you be open to updating to our latest release (v5.15) to see if the issue persists? Do you see any error messages in Mattermost logs when this issue occurs?

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Hi, @marceltyty1

Just a quick follow up on the issue you reported. May I know if you have attempted to upgrade to the latest 5.16 as suggested by @amy.blais that just got released about 2 days ago or maybe even install a fresh instance to see if you are still facing the same issue with the profile pictures, team icon, and the attachments?

If not, any chance attaching the mattermost.log so we can troubleshoot this further?

Can you also provide more context on this? What folder were you trying to create and what error are you getting?