Please help - image upload not working

Images fail to upload - both profile pictures and images in chats. Versions 5.2.2 but no other version available for download from App Store. We need to be able to upload images - please help?

Hi @lucyclhill ,

what operating system are you on? Since you talk about the app store, I assume you’re using OSX, right? If so, what OSX version is this and can you reproduce the problem using the webapp (by connecting to https://your-mattermost-server in your browser, logging in there and trying to upload an image there)?

Hi there we are on macs which are up-to-date with the latest software (Ventura 13). I have tried in the browser in safari and chrome and have the same issue there.

Alright, in this case it’s a server side problem and not a client side problem.
What’s the server version you’re currently running on? Do you have any antivirus or other plugins installed on your Mattermost server?
Can you upload other files (not images)?

Hi there - sorry for late reply. I have been off sick for some time. We have Mcafee anti-virus running on our machines. no anti-virus or plugins installed in mattermost. both files and images Cannot be uploaded.
Mattermost Version: 7.5.2
Database Schema Version: 95
Thank you

No worries, hope you’re at good health again!

Does restarting your Mattermost server fix the problem temporarily? If so, you’ll have to upgrade to 7.8.1 since this release includes a fix for a race condition that triggers this problem on the web client side.

We have not re-started the server. How do we upgrade to this version as it is not available in the App Store. Thanks.

7.8.1 is the server version, not the desktop version and therefore this is not available in your computer’s appstore. You will have to run a Mattermost server upgrade. There are several ways to do that depending on your deployment type, you can start reading about it here:

Oh great its now working thank you!

Awesome, thanks for confirming and good to hear you’re up and running now!