Can't upload images, can't upgrade Mattermost

Hi there,
We are on version 5.2.2 of Mattermost. I can see there are newer versions out there but don’t know how to upgrade the app.
We cannot upload images at all - not profile pictures, or images into chats.
Can you help?

We are all on Macs - and only 5.2.2 is available in the Apple Store

Hi @lucyclhill ,

I think we found out that this is not related to the desktop app you’re using, but seems to be on the server side, right? If you can reproduce it on the webapp, we do not need to look further on the app side.
The most recent version is 5.2.2 and this one is also available in the appstore. The next release (5.3.0) is being prepared and once released, the application will automatically update to the new version.