I have 2 Question

I am considering switching to Mattermost and would like to install it on a server that is already running Prosody IM. Can the two get along on the same server?

and the second question

Based on our test installation, it seems that when a bot posts a message via an incoming webhook, it does not trigger keywords for other outgoing webhooks. This is a very severe limitation.

Basically bot to bot visibility doesn’t exist, and this would be tremendously helpful for automation purposes.

Are there any plans to support this?

thx all

Hi @quanghieuci, have you seen our documentation regarding installation and requirements? https://docs.mattermost.com/install/requirements.html

Regarding bot to bot visibility, we don’t have any plans to support this at the moment, but please feel free to add the idea to our feature idea forum. We check this regularly for trending feature ideas. I’m also interested to hear more about how you would use this. Can you give an example of a use case in which this might be valuable to have this support?

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