Any Bot plugins?

Is anyone working on a bot plugin?

All of the bots I’ve found so far for Mattermost have been separate processes. I’d like one that integrates as a plugin. Something really simple would be perfect… I just want something that’ll reply to queries like the Slackbot Responses that Slack does.

I could abuse the Auto Link plugin for this, but I’d like something that has a better config interface.

Hi @Taffer,

There are example bot plugins that people have created if you scroll down a bit to the table and search for the “Bot” category - let me know if you’re looking for anything specific:

There are also some other ones I found after searching, e.g. and

There are also instructions here on how to develop plugins:

Thanks @amy.blais; I hadn’t found the Tuleap plugin while I was searching! I’ll check it out.

Is there a way to automatically add a bot to all the public/private channels ? I’m looking to have my bot respond to direct messages between 2 peoples.

Hi @CharlesErickT,

We have a setting that you could use:

Let me know if this helps, or let me know more details on what you’re looking for!

Hey @amy.blais

Thanks for the response. I’m not sure this will do. I have the hubot integration installed and it responds correctly to events in the channels it’s in (like town-square). What I’m trying to do is when 2 peoples talk to each other via direct message, I want hubot to act like an invisible account (automatically) in the private message so it could reply to events without the need to be invited in the said channel.

Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.


Hi @CharlesErickT,

You might find a bot like this on our Integrations page that a community member may have created: E.g. I found this integration that looks similar to what you are looking for:

Here are also instructions if you’re interested to develop one of your own:

Thanks Amy, I will take a look at the links you provided. Cheers !