[SOLVED] Hubot mattermost direct messages


I am trying to set up a bot “hubot” for mattermost —> https://github.com/renanvicente/hubot-mattermost
My mattermost instance is already running with hubot responding to messages on the public channel.

Problem :

I would like hubot to respond to direct messages but the mattermost adapter is not providing this feature.
My guess is to tweak the adapter but I don’t know where to start. Do you have any clue about it ?

Hi @raiku, I believe that Hubot-Mattermost currently uses outgoing webhooks to integrate with Mattermost. Right now outgoing webhooks are not allowed to listen to Private Groups or Direct Messages.

Hi @raiku, here’s another Hubot Mattermost option (hubot-matteruser) which uses a user account that could you use for private groups. Does this help?

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Hi @raiku
Please help. I run hubot on my server and the command is working on my terminal. but when I used to call hubot help on mattermost there is no reply happen. I think those variables that need to be set is my problem.
Can please help how to set that variables and Where do I nee to
set the environment variables?

Hi @nilden, Following up on this - let me know if you still need assistance with this? If yes, I will ask one of our engineers to take a look soon.

Hi @amy.blais, yes, still need your help. I run hubot and mattermost on the same server. then, I completely run hubot on my terminal but the problem is when I call myhubot on mattermost still nothings happen. What is the probable cause on that?


If you’re using hubot-mattermost, there’s examples of how to set up the environment variables for it in the readme on GitHub. If you’re running it in Docker, there’s also an example of how you’d run that in the Docker folder

were you able to get it going? I have the same issue