Troubleshooting hubot integration

We’ve installed hubot on the same server as MM. Set up an outgoing webhook with trigger word and carefully configured all the env variables that hubot requires. So I type the trigger word at the beginning of a message in the specified channel but nothing happens. I see hubot listening on its port. when I monitor that port with tcpdump, I don’t see anything, I would have expected to see some traffic from MM.

What can I do to troubleshoot? Are there logs for MM? Anything else? Thanks

Hi @david,

You can check the logs for Mattermost in the ./logs/mattermost.log file within your mattermost installation directory. If the outgoing webhooks are failing then you should see some statements with Event POST failed, err=<some error here>.

Can you let me know if you’re seeing any of those when trying to trigger the outgoing webhook?