Outgoing hook not trigerred


I’m trying to create a outgoing hook.
I try differents config, documentation one, 1 channel all channels word no words.
I’m looking the log file with tail but I don’t see any Outgoing log only Incoming.

On my config file I got
"EnableOutgoingWebhooks": true,

I’m using docker-compose https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-docker

What can I try now ?

I made some try on local with a fresh mattermost-docker stack and i have the same problem. I open an issue on github

I enable the log level to DEBUG in my config file and console to true
My hook endpoint was a ip address.
Strange thing is no error logs are triggered for this case.
I’m using an alias for the ip and it’s working.

Hi @MRdotB,

Thanks for your feedback,

Seems you have resolved your issue?

Here is documentation for future help with outgoing webhooks if needed :slight_smile: