Outgoing webhooks cannot be enabled in Mattermost v1.1

Hi, we are running Mattermost 1.1. specifically:
1.1.0 (2920/Wed Oct 14 19:29:00 UTC 2015/4ad9e0673ca8950597a290f10db10475b18b67cc)
Running on Ubuntu 14.04.

Even after following the instructions, the Outgoing webhooks does not show up under my Integrations options in “Account Settings”.

We are running on our intranet, so we are not using SSL for this POC.
Also, we have GitLab integration successfully set up.

ServiceSettings appear to be ok:

"ServiceSettings": {
    "ListenAddress": ":8065",
    "MaximumLoginAttempts": 10,
    "SegmentDeveloperKey": "",
    "GoogleDeveloperKey": "",
    "EnableOAuthServiceProvider": false,
    "EnableIncomingWebhooks": true,
    "EnablePostUsernameOverride": true,
    "EnablePostIconOverride": true,
    "EnableTesting": false,
    "EnableSecurityFixAlert": true

I believe this feature is targeted for Mattermost 1.2: https://mattermost.atlassian.net/browse/PLT-579

Sorry, outgoing webhooks wasn’t completed in v1.1, it’s scheduled to ship in Mattermost v1.2 on 11/16, and is available now on master.

This is our mistake for not making this clear in the documentation, a clarifying note has been added on master