Webhooks not working


after migration of my mattermost-4.7.0, my webhooks are not working. no logs, no errors.
please help


Hi @abhimanyu,

Thanks for your report,

Could you share whether you’re using the browser or desktop app and the platform you have the Mattermost server running on?

Also, could you share an example of your webhook command? Is it happening for incoming and outgoing webhooks?

For me it’s also failing, but only a JIRA integration, incoming, either using the beta JIRA plugin or the regular webhooks. I’m with Mattermost 3.7.1.

Hi @rubentrf,

Thanks for clarifying,

We have a couple of tickets open around webhooks at the moment and are aware of the issues and working on fixes.

When you say you’re on v3.7.1 - is that the desktop app?

Well, desktop, web version… are basically the same (Linux Desktop version I’m using is the 4.0.0). The error I think is present in Mattermost itself, not platform-related.

Thanks for the reply. Hope to hear from you soon.

Hi @rubentrf,

Thanks for clarifying,

I’d suggest upgrading to the latest Mattermost version to see if that resolves your issue.

Or, you could wait until v4.8 releases on 16 March which will include various fixes around the Jira plugin and webhooks.