Jira plugin not posting after subscription

Hi all,
I am having some issues with integrating mattermost with Jira.
I am able from mattermost to create and change issues, but after creating a new subscription, no messages are posted for issue related events.

I tried following the troubleshooting section, and tried testing it in various ways, but could not find any relevant logs.

When making issue related actions in jira, I can see the call made to the webhook in jira logs, but nothing shows in mattermost logs, and no message is posted.

If I try posting to the webhook manually via postman, I can see it logged in the mattermost logs.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi Samuel,

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I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with integrating Mattermost and Jira. To further troubleshoot this problem, I would recommend checking the following:

  1. Verify the Jira webhook configuration: Double-check that the webhook URL is correct and properly configured in Jira. Ensure that the webhook is enabled and set to trigger events for the desired issue actions.
  2. Check Mattermost incoming webhook settings: Ensure that the Mattermost incoming webhook is properly configured with the correct URL and channel settings. Make sure that the webhook is enabled and active.
  3. Review Mattermost server logs and configuration: Check the Mattermost server logs for any related errors or warnings. Additionally, review the Mattermost configuration file to confirm that the EnableIncomingWebhooks setting is enabled.
  4. Test webhook connectivity: Try testing the webhook connectivity using a tool like curl or Postman. Send a sample webhook payload to the Mattermost incoming webhook URL and verify if it is received and processed correctly.

If you’ve already performed these steps and are still encountering issues, please provide more details about your setup, including the versions of Mattermost and Jira you’re using. Additionally, any relevant log entries or error messages would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

Best regards,
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@john.combs these responses are awesome! One thought, is there a way to emphasize the request for feedback from the original requester?

I think they’ll get a notification, but they might not catch the end part as it’s a little buried…

@SamPan96 wondering your thoughts here?

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Thanks, @it33_mattermost - I have updated the disclaimer for all responses going forward to be a little shorter with a stronger emphasis on the request for feedback. :slight_smile:

We hope Matterbot was helpful for ya, @SamPan96. And please don’t hesitate to follow-up if there’s anything more we can do to help!