Mattermost JIRA Integration plugin not working with JIRA Cloud

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Cannot get webhook to post message when ticket is closed, opened, or updated.

Steps to reproduce

Create webhook in Mattermost, get secret and webhook URL.
Create webhook in JIRA, paste webhook with team and channel in lowercase. Select “Issue: Create, Update, Closed”
Open Ticket in JIRA, close ticket in JIRA.

Expected behavior

JIRA bot user should post message to specified room.

Observed behavior

Nothing. Log messages indicate nothing, even on debug. Firewall is completely open on 80 and 443. When webhook URL is changed in JIRA Cloud to point to, I can see POST results. It’s as if Mattermost is not parsing the POST request from JIRA. Using tcpdump, I can see the https traffic coming from the JIRA Cloud server when a ticket is updated. Webhook debugging is enabled, no messages appear in the log.

37 PM

EDIT: Enabled debug logging. When the server starts, I see this message:

[2017/11/02 21:05:41 UTC] [EROR] /api/v4/plugins/webapp:GetActivePluginManifests code=501 rid=XXXXXXXXX9r4y1xd1cnm6ho uid=XXXXXXXXXX7iqa ip= Plugins have been disabled by the system admin or the server has not been restarted since they were enabled. [details: ]

This message appears even if the config.json is set to enable plugins:

"PluginSettings": {
    "Enable": true,
    "EnableUploads": false,
    "Plugins": {
        "jira": {
            "enabled": true,
            "secret": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
            "username": "jirabot3000"

This is a screenshot of my JIRA Configuration. Thank you so much to anyone that can help!

14 PM

Hi @pittsburgh,

Thanks for your question,

Is this documentation helpful?

Is this documentation helpful?

No, it wasn’t. The integration is already set up using this documentation, but there’s still not messages.

Appears I missed:

The following are supported:

Issue: Created - when an issue is created.
Issue: Updated - when an issue is closed or reopened.
Issue: Deleted - when an open issue is deleted. If the issue was already closed, deleting it won’t send a message to Mattermost.


any update on this topic?
I’m planning to setup mattermost Jira plugin with JIRA cloud,
but no msg triggered by JIRA cloud after setup.
anyone can help?

Hi @Aki, thank you for reaching out.

Could you review this web page and send us the relevant environment details, logs, config files, etc. so we can help diagnose this issue?