Jira Plugin not working with webhook event jira:issue_updated


Mattermost do not recive webhook event jira:issue_updated from Jira with this webhook-url https://<your-mattermost-url>/plugins/jira/webhook?secret=<your-secret>&team=<your-team-url>&channel=<your-channel-url>

Steps to reproduce

Mattermost 5.15.0 Server
Jira Plugin 2.1.3 (pre-packed)

Jira Server 8.3.4

Expected behavior

Should post an update in the channel

Observed behavior

Jira log file:

2019-09-24 14:21:02,410 Web-Hook-Publisher-0 DEBUG dfc0920 835x2754x1 bpokam /secure/QuickCreateIssue.jspa [c.a.webhooks.plugin.PublishTaskFactoryImpl$PublishTaskImpl] Posting to web hook at ‘https://URL/plugins/jira/webhook?secret=SECRET&team=TEAM&channel=CHANNEL&user_id=dfc0920&user_key=dfc0920’, body is:

2019-09-24 14:21:02,438 httpclient-callbacks:thread-40 DEBUG anonymous [c.a.webhooks.plugin.PublishTaskFactoryImpl$PublishTaskImpl] WebHook successfully sent

Mattermost log file:

2019-09-24T14:16:33.945+0200 debug mlog/sugar.go:15 OK: {“plugin_id”: “jira”, “Status”: “200”, “Host”: “URL”, “RequestURI”: “/plugins/jira/webhook?secret=SECRET&team=TEAM&channel=CHANNEL&user_id=dfc0920&user_key=dfc0920”, “Method”: “POST”, “query”: “CHANNEL&secret=SECRET&team=TEAM&user_id=dfc0920&user_key=dfc0920”}

Webhook events jira:issue_created and jira:issue_deleted works perfectly fine.

Use case

We want to notify a channel with events from several projects and specific JQL. This is not possible with the new Channel Subscription feature in Jira Plugin 2.1+

Hi @tobnil, I can certainly do some testing about this and see if I can replicate it or not. Could you share what exactly was the action that you performed in Jira that did not trigger the notification? For example, if it’s transitions, from what status to what status?

Hi @joewai.tye,

I have a transition that goes from any status to itself called Notify Team that brings up a screen and fire a Issue Updated event.

Hey @tobnil so sorry for the late reply I’m going to set up my instance and will update you as I find anything. Just to confirm, it is a custom transition, but it does not actually change the status, correct? But it triggers the Issue Updated event in the system?

Yes, that is correct.