JIRA plugin no longer posts for closed tickets (but does for assigned tickets)


The JIRA plugin integration allows JIRA to post to mattermost if a ticket is “updated”. This would previously include a post if a ticket is closed, but this no longer happens.

Steps to reproduce

  • Mattermost 5.13.2
  • JIRA plugin enabled
  • A working webhook configured in JIRA server (not cloud) v7.8.4, with only “Issue: updated” selected under the events (all other checkboxes in the events section unselected)
  • Create a ticket covered by the webhook’s query, assign it to someone, and close it

Expected behavior

  • No post when the ticket is assigned
  • Expected a post when the ticket is closed or “resolved”

Observed behavior

  • A post when the ticket is assigned. This seems to be new, but the docs do mention this as an “update”, so it also seems valid.
  • No post when the ticket is closed. Confirmed with numerous tickets on different projects and webhooks.

The important thing for us is to restore the post for closed tickets. Ideally we’d be able to filter out the posts for assigned tickets if we choose to, but that’s less important.

Hi @gubbins, do you see any errors in Mattermost logs?

Hi @gubbins, I tested and was able to replicate the issue where there were no notifications sent when the Jira tickets were closed. Furthermore, in the Server Logs it shows an error about unsupported webhook data.

In the Github page for the Jira plugin, I was able to find an existing issue that talks about this here : Unsupported webhook data: jira:issue_updated. I have commented on it to give my take and findings on this behavior.

I’d highly recommend you to check it out and keep an eye on it for any updates to the plugin.