JIRA integration: Bot not working

We are running the free version and testing it for further evaluation (rocket.chat // riot.im).

We just installed the JIRA integration but the bot is not working. Our setup is following:

  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Mattermost 5.16.3 (DigitalOcean droplet)
  • Jira Cloud

I can create a new issue within Mattermost with the command but the subscribe doesn’t work in any channel nor with the personal bot. Anyone else having these problems?

Hello, @maxmueller89

To help me understand the issue with JIRA subscription you mentioned, can you please provide more information on what does not work specifically?

  • Are you not getting anything when you type /jira subscribe on your channel?

  • Have you configured the webhook in JIRA based on the steps mentioned in the documentation here?

  • Can you enable the developer tools when you run the /jira subscribe and verify if there are any entries that is related to the integration that we can use to troubleshoot this issue further?

  • Any warning / error message appearing on the desktop / web app when you run the /jira subscribe?

Hi @ahmaddanial,

Thanks for your message. Regarding your questions:

  • Yes, when I type /jira subscribe the Channel Jira Settings open with the saved Project, Events and Issue type.

  • The webhook hasn’t been set properly which is now set correct. Still there is no notification from the bot in any channel. Shall I resinstall the instance in mattermost client?

  • Developer tool screenshot: https://imgur.com/HbC1beH

  • No warning issues when using /jira subscribe. Not while opening not while saving. See screenshot.

I installed the instance new and now it is working. What is not working is that if I get an issue assigned the bot doesn’t send me a notification as personal message. Is that normal?

Hello, @maxmueller89

Glad to know that the issue is fixed after the reinstallation. Based on the documentation I read here, it is mentioned that:

For issue updated events, only status changes when the ticket is reopened, or when resolved/closed, and assignee changes are supported. If you’d like to see support for additional events, let us know.

In your case, I am not entirely certain if the initial issue assignment will send a notification. I’m gonna clarify with the JIRA plugin team on this. Stay tuned.