Jira @mentions require a specific subscription?

I was under the assumption that after integrating Jira and Mattermost that any @mention in Jira would trigger the Jira Bot in Mattermost to send a DM to the user mentioned. In my testing this works only when I have a subscription to a specific project and also because I did the mention in a comment (Create Comment event) or updated the description (Update Issue event). I’d like to watch all of Jira if a user is @mentioned then send a DM to the Mattermost user mentioned.

Am I confused or do I have something set up wrong?

Hi @smorri1967, from my understanding, the Jira plugin would only send notifications based on the configured project subscriptions. Currently, it is not possible to have it monitor the entire Jira instance at once, or send DMs to users in Mattermost.

If you feel strongly about this I would highly recommend that you raise it up in the Github page for the Jira plugin here : https://github.com/mattermost/mattermost-plugin-jira/issues. If you want, I can raise it on your behalf too, though I’d need some more information on your use case and why you would want this feature before I can do that (to add into the request)