Mattermost Jira Won't Notify on Customer Comments

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Mattermost Jira Won’t Notify on Customer Comment Creation

Steps to reproduce
Self Hosted Mattermost Enterprise 9.6.1. Jira Plugin 4.1.0 from Market Place.

Expected behavior
When a customer added a comment to an issue, the bot should notify the channel.

Observed behavior
No notifications are sent to the channel. The subscription /jira subscribe edit does include Comment Created, Comment Updated and Comment Deleted. All other notifications (new issue, issue resolved, etc.) come through the channel without any trouble.

Hi, look in the webhook settings in Jira to see if there are any notifications for comment creation

I’m not sure which settings you are referring to. This is the current settings I have:

And all the comment APIs are turned on.

Hm, might be an issue on your side. Jira: Cloud or Datacenter?
Works here:


I am using the Cloud version. It’s just interesting how every other notification will go through, but only the comments from the customers that won’t go through.

Is there anything else I can check to diagnose this?