Diagnosing outgoing web hooks

Hi, I have a (working) slack webhook that responds with like:

{ "text": "== Queue ==\nelements lockdown (high priority)\n== Currently Building: ==\nelements develop-feature-removeselecionmanagerrefactoring (started 2 minutes ago on talax)\nelements stable-feature-gotham (started 12 hours ago on talax)" }

However nothing is showing in the channel (I do see the request arrives properly on the target url). Is there anyway to diagnose outgoing web requests, like extra logging I can turn on?

We currently don’t do anything with the response from an outgoing webhook. Slash Commands are planned for the near future, which will be able to handle a response.

If the functionality is needed for outgoing webhooks as well, I recommend contributing a feature idea for it.

Thanks. Done. http://mattermost.uservoice.com/forums/306457-general/suggestions/11573472-allow-response-from-outgoing-webhooks