Slack Outgoing webhooks

I am a bit confused as to whether or not this is the best place to post this question as I am not sure if Mattermost is the developer of the system used by Slack for outgoing webhooks. If it is then I have a question. Is it possible to add arguments to the outgoing webhook post request? I am trying to trigger another service which requires arguments in the post request to trigger. The trouble is I am not able to add arguments to the webhook post request. Is this possible? If not is it something that may be added?


Hi @IOTrav, we didn’t develop Slack’s outgoing webhooks - webhooks in Mattermost are just compatible with Slack. That means if you have webhooks that work in Slack, they should work if you set them up in Mattermost as well.

If you’re using Mattermost, then you can submit a feature request and we would consider adding it.

Thank you for clearing that up @lfbrock I was not sure how Mattermost was connected to Slack if at all. I will try using Mattermost to see if I can accomplish what I am looking for.