[SOLVED] Make integration mattermost and slack friendly

So I have a built a cool plugin that returns some information about an anime that the user searches for. Now I am trying to make this integration more compatible with MM since I can return markdown for MM.

So my question is, is there a way my app can tell that the post request is coming from mattermost vs slack? Thanks

Hi @jrock2004,

We don’t have any plans for that yet, but it does sound useful. If you submit a feature idea on our feature idea forum, community members could vote on it and we can prioritize accordingly.

Hi @jrock2004,

Potentially you could try to look for “slack.com” in the URL string,

What most integrations do is have a mode or setting for Mattermost where you can take advantage of what it can do beyond Slack, e.g. when you enter the URL you just manually set a flag to indicate it’s Mattermost.

Does this help?

So you are saying to add another parameters to the call?

/command my text mattermost

Ok, I just noticed that in the response coming in there is a response_url. When it comes from slack, the URL has the word slack in it. So this is how I did it and it works