Integration strategy for chatops

We have installed MM for evaluation. We are hoping to try ChatOps, we use among other things: JIRA, Jenkins, Rundeck, Git, Atlassian wiki, etc. My question is how to go about this architecturally: do we install a chatops server like Hubot, or do we try to do direct integrations between MM and systems like JIRA? We can certainly write custom code but sense that most of what we will want to do has already been done, and we’d rather re-use.

In terms of use cases, we are new to this, but expect some of the ‘typical’ chat ops use cases like build-related activities. Other examples might be:

  • Querying YARN’s REST service to determine current running jobs
  • Triggering a Rundeck job to run, and seeing its response
  • Asking some REST-based system for information like how many records we have in some database

Hope this makes sense, thanks for any strategic advice you can provide.

Hi @david,

Have you taken a look at our slash command documentation? It will let users interact with third-party systems and receive responses from those systems by typing in commands similar to /somecomannd arg1 arg2.

You’d likely need to build some sort of intermediate application to receive commands from Mattermost and then make the appropriate request to another REST service, parsing that data into the format that Mattermost recognizes, before finally responding to the POST from Mattermost. This, with incoming and outgoing webhooks, is the recommended method of integrating with Mattermost.

Also there is an existing hubot adapter for Mattermost, which I think you’re already aware of.