Need Help with Atlassian integrations

I’m looking to integrate our on-premise Jira, Bitbucket, Bamboo, and Confluence servers with Mattermost. I know there’s a number of options out there and I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations, if we’re missing some alternatives, or could share their experience with any of the options.


  • mattermost-plugin-jira - Only a few event types are supported.

  • Mattermost Connector for Jira - So far it seems that to make this work the person configuring the Jira project also needs to be a Mattermost System Admin, which is not ideal.


  • Mattermost Bitbucket Bridge

  • Mattermost Connector for Bitbucket - So far it seems that to make this work the person configuring the Bitbucket repository also needs to be a Mattermost System Admin, which is not ideal.


  • Slack Notifications for Bamboo (CST)

  • Slack Notifications for Bamboo (CleverFlame)


  • Slack for Confluence - The only downside is that the word “Slack” shows up in the interface to our end users, which might generate concerns or questions that’d we prefer to avoid. We’ve got a request in to see if the developer can include an override, but haven’t heard back yet.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or feedback! And sorry for not including links, new users seem to be able to only add 2 links per post.

Hi @dgm,

Specific to Jira, we are continuously working on improving this feature. You can follow its progress via this ticket:


I have exactly the same use case you mentioned: integrate MM to a on-premise Atlassian stack.

First, thank you for the Bamboo add-ins references as I found nothing relevant in the MM website so far. I’m testing the first one (I think there is a typo in provider name it’s CSTB if we are speaking about this one) without any success. Have you tested it? If it’s the case can you share how you configure it :wink:?

In general, I like to use the solutions recommended by the provider such as the MM Jira Webhook Plugin which works fine and it’s still a work in progress, let’s be optimistic! It’s the same for MM Connector for Bitbucket you mentioned, it works fine too, but as an alternative in the hipchat migration page here MM recommends to use webhook integration. I did some test but I’m stuck with a payload error. Does anyone know if there is any tutorial or documentation for this topic?

For confluence, nothing to add, the add-in mentioned from both you and the official hipchat migration page works fine.

I think that whatever we can find here and there, the replacement of Hipchat would need some customisation and the webhook, slash commands and API are really useful. It needs time to implement and maintain home made “features” for a company wide service.

Mister B

I was looking for the Epic you gave for Jira Plugin as a work in progress. I’ve extended my research and found an another Epic (reported by Jason Blais) for a Bitbucket plugin, not started yet, but we can imagine that ‘native’ integration of Atlassian service would be integrated.

Hey @dgm and @misterb, thanks for trying out the Atlassian-Mattermost integrations!

Here are some updates I can share:


Two options:

1 - [In development] Two-way integration between Jira and Mattermost

We plan to release v2.0 of this plugin in June, with an early preview version of it available later this month:

Feedback on the planned features and direction very welcome.

2 - Jira Amplifier for Mattermost, by Herzum

This is a two-way integration deployed via the Atlassian marketplace.


1 - There is an early preview of a Bitbucket plugin available here

We plan to add capabilities to it, including Bitbucket server support, in the near term

2 - Bitbucket Amplifier for Mattermost, by Herzum

This is an integration deployed via the Atlassian marketplace


We currently recommend using an Atlassian marketplace plugin for Slack, as they should be compatible with Mattermost. One that should work (though haven’t been fully tested) is


Currently, we recommend this integration for a 1-way Confluence to Mattermost integration:

We definitely understand the downside of the word “Slack” showing up in the interface…which is why we’ve partnered with Herzum to help create a two-way integration between Confluence and Mattermost, coming soon to the Atlassian marketplace!

@dgm @misterb If you have any questions about the above, don’t hesitate to let me know.

Hi Jason,

Sounds like a great set of options and a few new ones I didn’t see in my initial research. Thanks for sharing!