BitBucket plugin or integration

Is there a straight forward free way to setup a bitbucket server to connect it to mattermost. I created an inbound webhook and used a POST webhook outbound on bitbucket to send to the link from the inbound hook. It doesn’t work. Any ideas or suggesstions?

Actually I found a comment that led to this plugin for bitbucket server:

A bit more steps for me in case somebody struggling as well.

In Mattermost:
As an Admin, next to your name, click the hamburger button (menu button) and select “Integrations”.
Click “Incoming Webhooks” and add an incoming webhook (you may have to enable to add webhooks from the system console),

Fill out the info and choose your channel to display the incoming data, choose whether or not to lock to that channel or not.

click save.

Copy that generated URL that shows up afterwards for that webhook.

In Bitbucket Server (As an admin):
Go to Find New apps and search for the link a pasted above (or just search “Slack notifications plugin” by Pragmatic Bits)

install it.

once installed, in the admin settings there should be a “Bitbucket Server 2 Slack settings” option.

choose that option. choose what you want sent to mattermost/slack.

in the channel and hook name option, i left the channel name empty and added that webhook url that was generated from mattermost and copied & pasted that into the webhook url field

username i added was just whatever i wanted, and then clicked save.

I created a pull request and the pull request info showed up on the mattermost channel from my user that was designated from the inbound webhook from mattermost since i chose to send notifications from bitbucket for pull requests. I hope this helps other people looking.