User level integration with Slack

I’m happy using Mattermost with a community, and participate in about a dozen channels. A new community I’m a part of has chosen to use Slack. Can I as an end user integrate their Slack channels into what I see within Mattermost. Will I be able to have Mattermost’s superior notification and filtering work on messages in those channels? I like emails on tag mentions and comments in threads I’m active in.

Hi @JoeMurray - you may be able to try out the community built [matterbridge] ( if you’re able to set up incoming and outgoing webhooks in Mattermost and Slack. I believe it’s set up per channel though, so it might depend on how many Slack channels you’re in whether or not it’s worth setting up.

The notifications will work, but comment threads won’t really since Slack doesn’t support comment threads (so no one will be commenting on your messages).