Inviting clients from another space

We would like to clarify if it’s possible to invite clients from Slack to our Mattermost space or integrate separate client channels into Mattermost? Are there any integrations available for this? We would like clients who work in Slack and do not have a Mattermost account to also be able to join our space. How can we handle clients who prefer using Slack and do not want to switch to Mattermost because of us?

Hi @vlad.lyt ,

yes, you can use matterbridge for that. This is basically a daemon that runs in the background and connects to slack and mattermost, listens on the specified channels in both platforms and copies messages over from one to the other. It works great, we’re using it here where I work for some of our customers.

Here’s an example configuration that should get you started quickly:

# hide joins and departs on groups in our channels
# maximum of 5MB for attachments/pictures
# format of the remote nick
RemoteNickFormat="[{NICK}@{BRIDGE}] "
# try to keep threads alive
# show typing (if supported)



enable = true

Follow the instructions to set up the bot in Slack:

And create a bot called matterbridge in your Mattermost instance and assign it to the team the channels you want to bridge belong to.

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Dear agriesser, Good day!
Thank you for your previous responses, we appreciate it. Our team still has some questions regarding the integration of Matterbridge for Mattermost/Slack. In practice, there are some issues that are difficult to solve without precise documentation and a step-by-step process. Therefore, we would like to ask for your assistance in configuring Matterbridge for us. Specifically, could you please provide us with the exact steps for the correct integration of Matterbridge on our server? We would be grateful if you could provide us with a detailed instruction on configuration, taking into account the Mattermost version (cloud-2023-04-05-3). Or perhaps you could share with us an example of an already configured integration.
Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Hi again,

this example configuration above is the copy of a working configuration, I just redacted the IDs and names, but besides that, it should immediately work for you.
Where exactly do you need help? Setting up the slack tokens? Downloading and running the bridge? Creating the Mattermost bot account?

The thing is, we currently have a cloud solution for Mattermost, and as far as we understand, this configuration is intended for a self-hosted server and it is not functioning correctly - to be precise, it is not working at all. There are no issues with creating the bot, but its configuration to ensure proper functionality is not entirely clear, which is causing some problems.

Hi @vlad.lyt ,

the only difference with a cloud setup is that you cannot host the matterbridge daemon on the Mattermost server directly, but everything else will still work. So all you need is a server where you can run the matterbridge daemon, so it can connect from there to your Mattermost cloud instance and to the slack instance of your clients.

When you say it’s not working at all, can you please describe what you’ve already done, what your current configuration looks like and what error messages you got?

Thank you, we will test it today and keep you updated. If we have any further questions, we will definitely let you know. Thank you again for providing such high-quality assistance in configuring the Mattermost application.