Integration with other services (Jenkins, PivotalTracker, Stash)

Is it possible to integrate notifications from external developer tools like Jenkins, BitBucket (nee Stash), and [PivotalTracker] (apparently as a new user, I cannot post the third link, the mattermost forum has been saved!).

We currently use them in Slack.


Hi @nedura,

With our 1.1.0 release coming up soon we’ll have support for incoming webhooks very similar to how Slack does it. This means that it will be very simple for someone to build new integrations for things like Jenkins and BitBucket, and it will also make it simple for someone with a bit of dev experience to port existing Slack integrations that use incoming webhooks over to Mattermost.

This is something we will be very glad to accept community pull requests for.

We currently don’t have anything planned ourselves for Jenkins, BitBucker or PivotalTracker integrations but we do use Jenkins ourselves and it’s possible we might write a webhook or rich integration down the line somewhere.

If you like you could also submit a feature request here . The more votes it gets, the more likely we are to prioritize the feature.