Travis CI integration

I understand that in Mattermost 1.1 webhooks are supported in full now.

Is it possible to add Travis CI integration using webhooks yet?

You should be able to configure this from the documentation.

Here’s an open source release of a GitLab Integration Service for Mattermost you could potentially adapt as well.

Does this help?

So we have to create a listener for the webhook from any given service and convert it into a payload that Mattermost understands.

Cool. I’ll wait for Travis CI to natively support Mattermost so I don’t have to add any more services to maintain. :smile:

I’m not much of a Rubyist, so if anyone else wants to have a go at this, you need to implement endpoints in the following places:

Hi there,
I need to confirm the build process of travis. To be precise, Travis runs the build on Pull request by supposedly merging the feature branch code in the master branch and then when we click on the merge button, it merge the code in the master but I need to confirm that does travis runs a build after merging the pull request in the master branch?

Another query: I am storing my credentials in the environment variables in travis, and I want to run the integration tests which needs to access the credentials from the environment variables, what is the best way to do this with securing my credentials?

Please help me with these issues.

Hi @samawia-moin-confiz - this is a thread for Mattermost, if you have general questions about Travis CI their documentation might be a good place to start