Can I get Gitlab Omnibus CE build (CI) activity to show up in Mattermost?

I would like all GitLab CI failures to be posted to a team room on mattermost.

How can I do that? Do I need this integration thing to be set up? I have mattermost and gitlab running on my own private host. I have a chat project and chat rooms set up. Right now there is zero links between Gitlab and Mattermost.

Besides CI activity, I can imagine that people creating Forks, and pushing to repos might also be cool to see in Mattermost.

We don’t use the Gitlab bug trackers yet, but if we did, I’m sure we’d like to see that too.


Hi @wpostma,

You can set up an incoming webhook to post from GitLab into Mattermost. Take a look at our documentation here.

I did not find that clear. I had no idea what url to enter into the gitlab because I could not even find the place where you create this, I expected it to be in the system console. But it’s in Account Settings -> Integrations.

For example on my gitlab, at:

There is a webhook url entry and I had no idea what to place there, until I find the integrations screen shown in the screenshot below.

I think screenshots help a lot. In hopes this helps someone else who finds this confusing, here’s where I create the integration webhook, from the channel account settings, which are divorced UI wise from the system console, a UI decision I have NEVER much liked or understood in web UI design.

And in hopes this helps someone else, here’s what the UI looks like on the gitlab service templates “slack” template side:


Thanks @wpostma, yes we realize it could be a bit more clear and we’re in the process of creating more webhook documentation to address this.