Gitlab integration

On version 0.6 RC2 ( it says that there is Gitlab integration. I don’t see any additional information of what’s included and how it works.

Anyone knows how it works?

Hi @serquicia,

GitLab 7.14 should ship around August 22 with Mattermost v0.6.0 as part of the GitLab omnibus install for Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS:

For this to work, Mattermost v0.6.0 added support for Postgres, IE 10, and sign-up and login via GitLab accounts using OAuth2,

We don’t yet have integrations (pushing GitLab events into Mattermost), and we have an issue filed to make our internal tracking system public so community can view where this lies in the priority list/schedule (

Best way to see GitLab and Mattermost working together is via the GitLab omnibus in a couple of weeks,

Does this help?


To clarify, what means that Mattermost will be part of GitLab Omnibus?
At the moment I have a GitLab installation which is only in the internal network and I wish to have Mattermost, in case will be accepted as tool in my company, in another server, maybe accessible from external or from a VPN.

Thats great given that we are using gitlab. Thanks

Hi @cifvts,

I believe the inclusion of Mattermost into GitLab will be similar to GitLab Runner (, and users will decide if they want to turn on “GitLab Mattermost” as part of their GitLab install.

Of course, Mattermost can be installed separately as well.